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From: Bob Krueger <rckrueger@...>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 16:55:26 -0500
I know that this is as far away from FB as anyone will get, but you guys
are my best source of information.

I teach HTML programming to eighth graders, and have the students key in
the pages using SimpleText, then view them in Netscape (using 'Open Page').
I am having problems with students opening another's files, and then
copying those files.

I want to be able to identify (that is, check the heritage) the owner of
each file.  I figure that if I can modify a text file with ResEdit, assign
that text file as stationery to a particular student, then all the text
files created from that source would have the ResEdit identification tag
that I saved on the original.

My solution works if, from the Finder, one "Duplicates" (apple-D) the
original--my identifying mark is still there.  However, if I "Save As...",
I lose the marker.

My question is this:  Is there a resource that can be added (or an existing
resource "modified") so that it retains the  identification?  If this
involves a different program than ResEdit, let me know and I'll look into

If I have to, I will modify SimpleText so that the documents produced by a
particular SimpleText will have a marker that identifies which computer's
SimpleText  was used.

Simply having the students type in their name is not an option.

(Sidebar--when I taught word processing, programs such as Letter Perfect
and Word Perfect would allow me to imbed a heading that was not obvious to
the student.  When the documents were printed, I could easily tell which
desk produced the document.)

Thanks in advance for any insight