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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 10:03:20 -0400

With regard to --

>I too get the beach ball of death if I click on Laurent's link

  -- try this.

While in Fetch, check:

Customize->Fetch as FTP Helper-> Make Fetch the Internet Config FTP Helper

And then, you will find that clicking Laurent's link will bring up 
Fetch instead of having the Finder search forever for who knows what.

Also, while it's apparent that one can turn off this feature (Same 
menu items) for IE and Netscape, having it on doesn't affect Safari. 
It looks like a win-win (if I can get it to work for the FB digest).


>On Tuesday, Sep 2, 2003, at 21:08 Europe/London, tedd wrote:
>>Did that too -- but, all I still get is the "Spinning Beach Ball of Death".
>>There should be some place where one can designate what 
>>applications will handle what needs. For example, clicking any 
>>mailto: will launch Eudora and clicking any URL will launch Safari 
>>-- so, there should be something I can set somewhere where clicking 
>>an FTP will launch Fetch.
>Oops! I think I gave you some duff info earlier.
>This works for me in Fetch 4.0.3, OSX 10.2.6:
>Host: topo.math.u-psud.fr
>but ensure that Firewall is off in sys prefs.
>I too get the beach ball of death if I click on Laurent's link
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