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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 23:28:36 -0400
On Thursday, October 16, 2003, at 10:16  PM, John McKernon wrote:

>> On another note, Compositor finally made the serial numbers
>> databases...time to track that puppy down, and disable.
> Robert,
> I try and check every now and then to make sure Lightwright's 
> registration
> data isn't floating around the internet, but I never really know where 
> to
> look (I just do a google search for "warez" and then stumble around.). 
> Given
> your experiences with Compositor, can you recommend any particular 
> places I
> should look to be sure my stuff isn't being hacked?
> Thanks --
> -- John
> ------------------
> John McKernon
> misc@...

Hi John...

Google will turn up a lot. However the Kagi Authors list recently had 
the thread on same issue which pointed me to the site..


I'm wondering if the code I found is one I sent out (email search time) 
or one that was backhacked (good job if they did that, but a good no-op 
would have done just as nicely.
It's a one word name, and that indicates a back hack to me, though it's 
possible that they paid, and then it got shared.

I did a reg swap with Microsynth's author, and he has an online TCP reg 
method somehow to verify that seem nice , though one wonders what is 
being sent exactly. No idea how to go about that.

Humorous note...on MacUpdate.com,  somebody whines about me moving the 
price of Compositor from $12 to $19 then $35 , but same also gives me a 
boost for the various heckles and tricks I did creating my demo reg 
method...and salutes me for the hoops they went through locating and 
perusing it.  v2.0 was a -big- upgrade and it was actually from $16 to 
19 for v1.0 to v1.6 or so, then $35 for v2.0 and I've never charged an 
upgrade fee for even 1.0 reg'ers. Current is $29.95 and I may bump it 
back up, because it seemed to do better at the higher.

There's nobody who could backhack my reg data though, if using only the 
pict image I make to do  that.

My general feeling is that anybody taking the time to go through all 
that effort isn't going to pay anyway, so not worth worrying about that 
much...my paying customers are nice people, I'll worry about them more. 
I just wish "them" was  more of them. :)