[futurebasic] Re: [FB] DataBrowser For Dummies v.1.1

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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Mon, 03 Nov 2003 16:14:48 +0100

Bernie Wylde wrote:
> On Monday, Nov 3, 2003, at 10:55 Europe/London, Alain Pastor wrote:
>> Following the release of QuiXample, here comes another gift for the FB 
>> community:
>> "DataBrowser For Dummies" is a library of 140 FutureBASIC functions 
>> intended to ease the learning of the rich Carbon DataBrowser control.
> I thought I was a subscriber to FB (!). Hope I've not missed the rel.8 
> upgrade.


You have not missed anything. It's just that I started and finished 
that work many months ago hoping the Release 8 would come sooner, but 
I'm afraid we still have to wait a bit more than my expectation, so in 
the meantime I hope to keep the listees entertained.

> To get the demo to run, I had to add the following as the first line:
> #define ControlRoundButtonSize as SInt16
That's possible. Sorry, I didn't check the library with R7 and I had 
to work with the beta headers of the next version anyway. In fact, 
ControlRoundButtonSize was originally defined in Tlbx 
ControlDefinitions.Incl but I had to rem out that statement, unrem 
that line if you are running with R7 and you won't have to edit every 
example file.

> However, the circles appear more like Easter eggs, about 100 pixels high 
> by 40 pixels wide.
> Maybe I need rel.8 ?
If you just had to define ControlRoundButtonSize for the library to 
compile, you don't need anything else and it should work with R7.
As to the circles not being circles, first the tiny example that I 
have posted was meant to show how it is easy to get a DataBrowser on 
screen with the "DataBrowser For Dummies" library, secondly, I think 
you probably have to play with the two following functions in order to 
get perfect circles:

In the library:
err = Fn BrowserSetVariableHeightRows( browser, stateBool )
err = Fn BrowserSetItemRowHeight( browser, itemID, height )

or with the Toolbox:

But actually you're right, I should have written oval shapes instead 
of circles in the first place.