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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 09:31:54 -0400

I haven't left the FB group, I've just been away. I just got back from a
two week trip through the Ozarks (Missouri -- my old birth-place) and found
the CD you sent. Thanks very much. I am listening to it now as I respond.
It's the music that I like to hear. However, I have no knowledge of any
composer or style. In that regard I am totally ignorant and hope to remain
so. In that way, I believe, I can more appreciate the music I hear without
the extraneous thoughts of history or the preferences of others.

I just landed a contract to write a program for a Mac to CASIO link. In
fact, it's called "AppleLink". I have six months to complete the project.
AppleLink is supposed to allow Macs to link up with CASIO units and
exchange data (i.e., business card info, calendar schedules, notes, etc.).
It seems simple enough, but it may be more to it than I imagine at present.

I know that I will be needing some artwork for the desktop application
icon, database files, and splash screen. I've seen what you did with your
FontLoupe and wonder what you might come up with for my AppleLink. I don't
have any money, but I do have a 10 percent royalty in AppleLink. They (my
client) say that they expect 10,000 units to be sold in the first year at a
price of $50 per unit. If this is true, then $50,000 would be my royalty
and I could afford to pay you. What do you think?


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