[futurebasic] Open specified file type (was Saving a file to Applications's Folder)

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From: Richard Goodman <bhomme@...>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 09:20:47 -0800
After I wrote the following:

<<<<<<Now I have another question relating to opening a disk file for
input.  Is there a way to have the FILES$ dialogue box list only those
files of a specified type? Presently, the list is showing all files in the
folder specified by gvrefnum. I would like it to show only those files
created by my application. I have a DEF OPEN statement that specifies a
type and creator, but the FILES$ function ignores that. One solution would
be to create a new folder as a subdirectory within my application's folder
and call it "Saved Melodies" or something. Then use the vol. ref. number of
that folder for all saving and loading operations. This folder would only
contain the appropriate kind of files. If it isn't too complicated, I'd
rather have only files of the proper type shown in the list. Any ideas?>>>>>

Joe Wilkins and Robert Covington referred me to the Reference Manual
section on FILES$. Believe it or not, I had read that section and did not
realize that it covered the very question I was asking. Could be I'm
spending to much time at the computer. Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll go
back to the manual and look into saving file types of a particular kind