[futurebasic] Last question for awhile (I think)

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From: Chris <behmc@...>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 21:52:02 -0500
Ok, i've got this little utility I wrote to strip the HTML coding from a
text file and create a new one with the now plain text.

Works great on most files (btw, this is the program that my Apple Event
questions deal with).  However, I have a 130k HTML file that I test (along
with smaller files too).  This big file is _mostly_ HTML code, after my
program runs it is reduced to 33k (well, 28k...).  The problem doesn't seem
to be there because BBEdit can see it just fine, and the scroll bar works.
However, if I open it in SimpleText, I can't scroll.  The other files,
which also have enough text to scroll, work fine in simpletext.

Is there anything that anyone can think of that might be causing this?

That seems to be similar to a great number of questions I've been having

Anyway, thanks again for any help,