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From: Peter Bancroft <peter@...>
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 22:31:39 +1100
Dear Incalculable,

This is not a simple question ...

>Question requiring some calculus and such..
>I have 96 feet of ribbon lights, end to end connecting.
>I want to make a conical christmas tree, and I need to know given the
>length of lights, how tall and how wide  such a Cone could be that I
>could wrap these around and come out  with it all lit from top point to
>spiral bottom?
>Thar will be a mast pole, and then 6-8 radial positioned (looking down
>from above, clock'ish like) guy wires going to stakes on the ground.
>Along the guy wires or cord, will be some hangers to hold the light
>cord as it spirals around.
>Just wondering if any of you people with Math-sters degrees could give
>me a rough fathoming estimate  of the H x W I can make, with the
>spirals spaced about 1-2 foot above the last.

After some investigation there a three methods for solving this,
analytical, numerical, and rule of thumb.

Rule of thumb being the easiest, lay out the lights in a spiral on the
ground, then allow one to one a a half tree heights for height and
curvature shortening. This should give a reasonable estimate ... but you've
probably rigged it up somehow by now.