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From: RMMerrill <RMMerrill@...>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 19:25:08 EST
>Second problem is with FB compiles.  Again on a random basis, when I try to
>compile the project I get a resource error, #-194.  I would write the exact
>error wording, but I can't get it to happen right now.


Back in January David replied to this question with the following:

>>>This is a problem that has plagued development environments on PPC's for 
quite some time.  To make matters worse, the problem will sometimes occur 
_without_ displaying an error message, and will continue to occur until 
you restart the machine.  And it appears to vanish for long periods of 
time before showing its head again.

It has been found (many thanks to Jamin) that the following extensions 
play a large role in FB's failure to compile:

Mac OS Easy Open
MacLinkPlus Setup
MacLinkPlus for Easy Open

I've taken these extensions out of my system folder, and have not seen 
one -194 error from FB II in months.  Although I _have_ recently observed 
-194 errors from Think Pascal and CodeWarrior.  So I do think that there 
is still a problem floating around somewhere.

In the beginning, it was thought that this was a bug in FutureBASIC 
itself.  But after noting that it happened in Metrowerks and other 
environments as well, I knew it had to be something else.  I think that 
this is a bug in the Resource Manager.  And I think that the Easy Open 
extenions just exposed it very well.  I believe the bug is still alive 
and well, hiding somewhere deep in the Resource Manager.

I'd like to thank Jamin for his excellent assistance in finding a quick 
solution for this problem.  Remove the extensions I listed above, and you 
are sure not to see the -194 again in FutureBASIC.  Jamin has some pretty 
cool utilities for exposing this bug.  He has them up for download here: 
http://www.ozemail.com.au/~benjamen.  Jamins email addie, just in case, 
is: benjamen@....  Thanks again Jamin.

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Hope this helps,

     -=  Bob (-: