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From: Bernie Wylde <bernie.w@...>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 00:19:53 +0000
On 12 Jan 2004, at 19:03, Alain Pastor wrote:

> A couple of corrections in your code:
> <snip>

Brilliant !   That works great.



I'm having problems deciding which features, flags and settings are 
needed to give me the desired results. For example, I'm confused by 
list.minWidth(1). I would expect this to be the minimum width that a 
column may be resized but if, in the example code, it's initially set 
to zero, no text is displayed until the window is resized.

So, having said that, if you could just help me out a little bit more 
with this   :-)

I want to create a full window, resizable browser where I can change 
the position of an item by dragging up or down the list.
One problem is, occasionally the dragged item must not be allowed to be 
moved above or below certain other items.

Which attributes are needed to create this type of browser?

Clear as mud?