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From: Deepesh Letap <DLetap@...>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 09:22:22 +0100

The AudioCD hardware needs separate sound cables. On internal drives, the
extra cable is part of the connection wires. On external drives, you need
to connect the CD audio outputs to a set of external speakers.

If it is essential to have the sound go via the Mac, for editing perhaps,
try connecting the audio phono outputs (not headphone) of the CD External
Drive (make sure they are not amplified or you could damage the Mac!) to
the microphone input and set the external microphone as your sound input
device through the Sound control panel. It is absolutely essential you
check that the output Audio ports are electronically compatible with the
Mac microphone sockets otherwise you could do some serious Mac damage - if
in doubt do not try it!

Hope this helps,


>Am I wrong in assuming that Audio CD data can come over the SCSI line and
>be heard through the computer's speakers? I have an external NEC Multispin
>3X drive.
>Using any Audio CD application yields no sound input. The applications play
>the CD, but no sound gets out of my speakers.
>I have a Quadra 630 with a PPC Card installed, OS 8.1, Sound Control panel
>installed, Sound and Monitors control panel installed too (hey, Apple did
>it), also a TV Tuner Card is installed. (Quicktime 3 Pro installed also,
>but it did this under 2.5 also.)
>I can't get audio input from the CD using a regular music CD using either
>the Audio CD program for my drive, or Apple's CD player app. Trying to
>import a track to convert to AIFF fails (nothing happens in the programs
>once the track is selected to be converted) also using any conversion
>application, QuickTime, and programs like SoundMaker.
>In the Sound control panel, for sound in, I have the options of Microphone,
>Line-In, Internal CD, and Internal AV.
>Since I record from a microphone, that option is checked. Seems to me that
>the audio sound data would be coming over the SCSI, so that shouldn't
>matter, but I don't get any sound. "Playthrough" being checked has no
>effect either.
>The CD player works fine for game and program CD's. Audio CD's sound fine
>if I have headphones hooked up to the CD ROM player's headphone jack, but I
>thought you could pipe the stuff in over the SCSI line and hear it through
>the speakers on the computer.
>Thanks for any clarification of error or help with this issue, anyone. The
>only audio issue I am aware of is that I hear the Quadra 630 can't record
>and play sound at the same time (from the developer of SoundMaker- I
>couldn't get previews for some reason when the input level meter was open)
>Robert Covington
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