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From: Brian Stevens <brilor@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 14:52:12 -0700
On Aug 19, 2004, at 5:56 AM, Ken Shmidheiser wrote:

> I have begun a collection of Scripts I'm now using from FB4's new 
> Scripts menu. These are some of my favorite, most-used, or 
> rarely-used-but-neat code snippets. Some of these are simply shells 
> that I cut and paste to save manual entry. Others are standalone 
> examples I keep on hand as tutorials.
> I would be very interested in seeing some of your favorite Scripts 
> posted here.
> I also would be interested in suggestions as to how better to 
> structure these, or any other Script management tips you have.


Congratulations. This is great progress in a very short time. 
Unfortunately, I don't have any scripts to donate. Typically, I copy 
and paste from my applications but scripts seem easier to use and find 
and I like your idea. I just tried putting a folder in the FB Help 
folder to see if FB4 would recognize it (it doesn't) since that would 
be a great way to organize (just saw your question on the beta 
list.....never mind).
I'll rummage through my code and see if something seems useful enough 
to donate. Your list is very complete. Do you think a Write File from 
Handle would be good a good complement to Read File to Handle? 
Something like:

Local Fn WriteFileFromHandle(MyH as handle)
Open "O", #1, "a file",, System ( _AplVol )
Write File #1, [ MyH ], Fn GetHandleSize ( MyH )
Close #1
DisposeHandle ( MyH )
End Fn

Fn WriteFileFromHandle(Fn NewHandle ( 400 ))'size is arbitrary example

until 0

Brian S.