[futurebasic] Re: Now MOUSE(_down) works!

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From: BMichael <BMichael@...>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 00:04:36 EDT
Forrest Blanton said:
>I had this same problem with a program I am writing for my 68K, I have
>found however a way around it, at least it hasn't failed me yet. Call this:
>    DO                                            'loop
>    UNTIL PEEK(370) = 0                           'until mouse is clicked

I'll try this... but I'm _real_ hesitant to use low-memory globals 
directly nowadays. I know it would be unlikely to work in the Blue Box of 
Rhapsody; _maybe_ not even on Mac OS 8.2. Apple has said "don't do that" 
a lot lately.

Could check the environment and use it only on 68K machines running "less 
than" 8.2... which may be the ones having a problem with MOUSE(_down)... 
Anyway, worth looking at! Thanks!

(P.S. 8.2 Finder is "wicked fast" on a G3. Like the difference between a 
6400 and a G3 running System 7.6... And no, I don't have a copy on my 
Mac. <sigh>)