[futurebasic] Re: CD-ROM Sound Problem (X-FB)

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From: <Cguy1@...>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 98 00:50:50 -0600
>Am I wrong in assuming that Audio CD data can come over the SCSI line and
>be heard through the computer's speakers? I have an external NEC Multispin
>3X drive.

Yes, though is possible to digitally extract music from CD's (on some CD 
ROM drives), but this is not the normal mode (and not sure what apps 
would play it in real time)

>Using any Audio CD application yields no sound input. The applications play
>the CD, but no sound gets out of my speakers.

There is not audio connection to your external CD-ROM, therefore there 
can be no sound.
>I have a Quadra 630 .......

>Since I record from a microphone, that option is checked. Seems to me that
>the audio sound data would be coming over the SCSI, so that shouldn't
>matter, but I don't get any sound. "Playthrough" being checked has no
>effect either.

No sound over SCSI! (except for digital audio extraction, which it 
appears your CD does not support)

>Thanks for any clarification of error or help with this issue, anyone. The
>only audio issue I am aware of is that I hear the Quadra 630 can't record
>and play sound at the same time (from the developer of SoundMaker- I
>couldn't get previews for some reason when the input level meter was open)
>Robert Covington

   CD sound is analog and does NOT come over the SCSI cable (unless doing 
digital extraction, but this is NOT the normal play cd mode). You need an 
analog connection from the CD to the computer - interal CD ROM's use a 
direct connection to the motherboard via a little cable.

There are fixes:

- Use an adaptor from the CD-ROM headphone to the mic input. Since the 
older machine is expecting a mic level input keep the sound level down or 
get the appropriate attenuating cord from Radio Shack. Many older Macs 
can not record from the Mic and output the same sound at the same time, 
so you will not be able to listen to the CD over the computer speakers.

- Or do what I did with my C610: get the internal CD to motherboard 
connector cable. Three wires. Get a cheap set of headphones (or headphone 
connector). Cut the headphones and splice the internal Motherboard 
conenctor to the headphone jack. Then plug the cord into the headphone 
jack of the external CD-ROM and the other end to the motherboard 
conenctor. It will then appear you have an internal CD-Player (and 
playthough willl work, etc).

Chris Guy