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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 08:56:11 -0400
>Just imagine, in 10 years time, when we are using that new telepathically
>controlled interface on MacOS 19.3, we'll all be chatting in 3D using the
>holo-net to see each other hold up our PDF manuals from way back then when
>eBooks were all the rage having been superceded by memory implants.......!
>Keep on FBing!


It will be interesting.

But, looking back is just as fascinating. Circa 1984 Corvis came out 
with a hard drive that was 5 Meg in size and could be daisy-chained. 
The cost was $5,000 per drive and thus, 15 Meg of storage cost 

A few months back, I bought a 200 Gig hard drive and wondered how 
much 15 Meg cost me. I figured it out and it came to $0.01. So, in 20 
years the cost of 15 Megs of hard drive storage has depreciated from 
$15,000 to just one cent.

If this trend continues, then all the above you suggest would not 
only be possible, but should be very affordable. I can imagine 
computers, the size of watches, in see-though plastic packaging 
hanging on peg-hooks at checkout counters in discount department 
stores selling for the price of candy.

I wrote a sci fi novel once (never published) wherein the computer 
technology of society was so advanced that all the functions of a 
computer had been solved and reduced in size and cost so much that 
the same chip was used in all devices from toasters to high level 
research -- and it covered all needs. But, that was my vision of the