[futurebasic] re: Question marks in REMs

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From: "H. Gluender" <h@...>
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 22:15:52 +0200
Here, neither the FB4 nor the FB3-7 Editor expands a question mark to "print".
(Tested with ', //, /* */, and REM.)

Bruce H Gottshall:
...Create a REM using ' (apostrophe) and one using // (double slash)
         Also create one using the REM keyword.
         Anywhere in the REM include: "" (double quote), preferably near
            the beginning.
         Anywhere to the right of that press SHIFT-/ (?)
         Separate the quote marks and type another ?

     If you get what I did you will see "print" instead of a ?
     In other words if double quotes are in a REM ? becomes print.


Dear Bruce Gottshall,

indeed, with the FB3-7 editor running under OS9.1, it turns out that:




REM ""?

In other words, if you leave no blank between the keyword and have 
those quotation marks then ? -> print. Ok, I think there is no reason 
to worry.

However less agreeable is the situation with the FB4 editor under OS9.1 where:

REM "abc" sssh print

' "abc" sss print

// "abc" sss print

"" ?

That's what you mean, isn't it?
Ok, that's not perfect but...

Send a nice remark to STAZ and it will be fixed with the next 
release. For the time being either use question marks or quotation 
marks! :-)

Best regards