[futurebasic] Re: [FB] List box refresh problem

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From: Robert Purves <robert.purves@...>
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 20:14:35 +1200
Bernie Wylde wrote:

> The following code builds a list box that's resized when the window is 
> resized.
> Tedd has reported refresh problem...
>    can you give me an idea where it's going wrong?

[ demo snipped ]

More likely Tedd's operating system (I do *not* suggest Tedd himself) 
has a bug.

Or perhaps it's going wrong because of the machine-tooled purity of the 
code. May we assume that virtually all of your demo was generated 
programmatically by a well-known FB4 utility?

A moment ago I was amazed to find myself talking to the author of The 
Window Maker, indeed interviewing him.

R: The stylistic precision of TWM code is noteworthy. Here I refer to a 
property evidently despised by many FB programmers as icing, cosmetic 
pedantry, or --- how cruel! --- iCandy.
B: Well, you should know. Didn't we have a long email correspondence on 
this exact subject?
R: Er
B: Surely you remember trying to browbeat me into copying your own 
stylistic idiosyncrasies?
R: Er
B: Anyway, to answer the question. It is not widely known that the 
source code of The Window Maker has a very different style from its 
products. Personally, I'm into creative self-expression through code.

'                    No Re-DIM'd Vars : Off
WINDOW #1:clear¬
  local FN auntjemima&(a#,aPtr)'here is where we call the fn
DIM @PUDDLEDUCK%,102 UU$(93),BAK%,@BE% AS INT'dim statement
XREF TO_BE&(0);0'xref statment
DIM @T,L,B;0,BE,R;0,RR'this is the rectangle
t;8=WINDOW(_wndPointer)+_PortRECT'get wndPointer + the portRect stuff
gBETCHADONTKNOWWHATTHISIS4.o(0) = 2'set the flag to 22
FOR RR = 0 TO BE OR NOT( TO_BE):NEXT RR%'fix up the rr stuff
  END FN'end of fn
FN  AUNTJEMIMA&  (0,17)'here is where we call FNAUNTJEMIM

At this juncture (or perhaps AT THIS JUNCTURE) I pitched forward, my 
head struck the keyboard, and I awoke.

Robert P.