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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 15:41:31 -0400

>>I suspected that Apple was moving away from resources in some manner.
>I didn't say anything different.
>I've said: I think Apple will support resource fork data for a while.

I didn't say that you said anything different. However, I take it 
that "for a while" means that after wend, then Apple will be moving 
away from resources.

>There is no need for FB plst-examples.

Perhaps for you, but I still don't fully appreciate the relationship. 
I suspect that at some point, an FB application should have a 
corresponding plst file/resource and thus a FB-plst file/resource 
should reside somewhere. The question for me is, where should the 
plst file reside?

>There is nothing FB-specific with the plst resource.

Does an FB application use plst or does the OS use an FB 
application's plst file? If so, then I would like to see an example.

>Please read Apple's TN 2013 "The 'plst' resource". It provides examples.



I read that it's a text file with a bunch of key values and such -- I 
get that.  But as to where to put it, it's as clear as mud. Do I use 
Resorcerer to make a plst resource in the .rsrc file in my 
development folder OR do I make a text file and place it in bum-butt, 
Iowa, or what?

>>  However, jonathan has provided an excellent, and I believe
>>  correct way, to handle preferences via his "The Gnomes Appearance
>>  Shell" example. I was able to adapt and implement a portion of his
>>  code for my newest application -- thanks gnome.
>I fear this handling of prefereces (which is based on FB's prefs 
>handling) is no longer up-to date.

Arrgggg!  Now that I finally got it working, you tell me that it's no 
longer up-to date.

What I would like is simply something that would make saving 
preferences simple, like maybe fn savePrefs and a fn loadPrefs.

>For the really easy to use prefs-concept that Apple provides 
>(CoreFoundation Preferences) see the Apple docs:
>"Preferences Utilities Reference" and "Introduction to Preferences"
>Furthermore, there is my FB-"PassWord_Demo" on the DropBox that 
>shows how easy it is to use CoreFoundation Preferences.
>Please let me know if you need the corresponding FB-header files.

As always, I have problems accessing the FB Drop-box. Every time I go 
there, I see nothing but a Drop Box Folder with nothing inside.

Bummer    :-(