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From: Steve Crossman <steve@...>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 11:39:23 -0500
	It is great that you imply your foundation of any relationship is 
trust and honesty. I placed trust in your company when I ordered 
REALBasic v3.5 Pro, I think, for developing on OS X, because at the 
time, FB was not even close to OS X.
	I purchased a pro version of 3.5, and had many problems with it 
crashing while trying to even work with your many examples. Then I 
found out that some of the features that were touted by your sales 
personnel, were not in existence in the product, but was only in beta 
testing and would be revealed in v4.
	So I upgraded [paid] for v4 and still had a product that didn't work 
as advertised. Your tech support was not of much help and once again, I 
was given the [upgrade pitch] and shelled out even more money for 4.5. 
I was desperate to get our product on OS X.
	I found I was still disappointed with the IDE, with continued crashing 
and features that were implemented in a half baked fashion. Your tech 
support would say things like, gee, we thought that worked, or it will 
be fixed in the next upgrade.
	I only am writing this now, on this list, because my personal emails 
sent directly to you gone unanswered in the past, and one as recent as 
last week when you posted on this list.
	Thankfully STAZ and company doesn't have your company's ethics and I 
only wish I could get back the ~ $700 some dollars spent on your 
software before throwing it away.


On Nov 8, 2004, at 11:20 AM, Geoff Perlman wrote:

> From where you are standing, I guess I can understand that. And you 
> don't know me from Adam but honesty is one of my most highly treasured 
> beliefs. Honesty is the foundation of any relationship (along with 
> trust). And I can tell you with all honesty that I never even knew 
> that a green leaf was part of the FutureBasic logo. I visited the Staz 
> web site after reading your message and that's the first time I 
> noticed the green leaf. I thought the logo was that of a hand writing 
> on a sheet of lined paper.
>> I also find it equally difficult to believe that while you monitor 
>> this list, that you are disinterested and don't also monitor any FB 
>> sites. Why do one without doing the other? If you're interested in 
>> only what is being said about RB, then why not monitor blogs as well?