[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Disposing of menu icon handles

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From: Robert Purves <robert.purves@...>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 22:56:06 +1200
Bernie wrote:

> I made the changes you recommend (amended code below). I ran 
> MallocDebug and followed the instructions in the Debugging folder on 
> the CD. I get an extra leak but I'm not familiar enough with Malloc to 
> determine where the problem is. Any chance you could try it at your 
> end?

1. You are still spewing to Console.app. A MenuRef is *NOT* a handle:

2. After removal of the offending statement above, MallocDebug shows a 
small leak due to ContextualMenuSelect (40 bytes per call).

3. I would write your ContextualMenuClick function like this:

local fn ContextualMenuClick
dim as Str255         s
dim as point          where
dim as MenuRef        menuRef
dim as IconRef      @ iconRef
dim as IconSuiteRef @ iconSuite128Ref, iconSuite129Ref
dim as long         @ selectionType
dim as short        @ menuID, itemID
dim as OSStatus       ignore
dim as OSErr          err
where.h% = mouse(_horz)
where.v% = mouse(_vert)

// zero the icon ref vars
iconRef = 0
iconSuite128Ref = 0
iconSuite129Ref = 0

menuRef = fn NewMenu( _MyContextMenuID, "" )
long if menuRef

InsertMenu( menuRef, -1 )
AppendMenu( menuRef, "Icon Ref" )
AppendMenu( menuRef, "Icon Suite 128" )
AppendMenu( menuRef, "Icon Suite 129" )

err = fn GetIconRef(_kOnAppropriateDisk, _kSystemIconsCreator, 
_kHelpIcon, iconRef)
long if ( err == _noErr )
ignore = fn SetMenuItemIconHandle(menuRef, 1, _kMenuIconRefType, 
end if

err = fn GetIconSuite(iconSuite128Ref, 128, _kSelectorAllAvailableData)
long if (err == _noErr)
ignore = fn SetMenuItemIconHandle(menuRef, 2, _kMenuIconSuiteType, 
end if

err = fn GetIconSuite(iconSuite129Ref, 129, _kSelectorAllAvailableData)
long if (err == _noErr)
ignore = fn SetMenuItemIconHandle(menuRef, 3, _kMenuIconSuiteType, 
end if

ignore = fn ContextualMenuSelect(menuRef, where, _false, 
_kCMHelpItemRemoveHelp, @s, #_nil, @selectionType, @menuID, @itemID)

// dump everything that was created or got
DisposeMenu( menuRef )
if iconRef then ignore = fn ReleaseIconRef(iconRef)
if iconSuite128Ref then ignore = fn DisposeIconSuite(iconSuite128Ref, 
if iconSuite129Ref then ignore = fn DisposeIconSuite(iconSuite129Ref, 
end if
end fn

4. MallocDebug continues to show the same small leak. This starts to 
look like a bug in ContextualMenuSelect, not in the code above.

Robert P.