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From: George Beckman <gbeckman@...>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 07:06:42 -0700
I am using it in my Beta.   I am not actually timing out the Beta, but 
put up as series of nag screens depending on how old it is.   My 
thinking, as a grade book publisher, is that I don't want one of my 
beta team to loose interest and then moan and groan later because they 
find bugs.   One time I had a tester write about a bug in December that 
had been fixed in August.  Hopefully the nag screen will help them 
realize they must install the new beta's when they come out.

Making the update automatic during a run is great because I don't have 
to do a bunch of calcs to figure out when I should tell them the copy 
is getting stale.

I do have a set of routines that catches a clock reset I use for my 
demos.  I would rather not publish it here, but would be glad to share 
back channel.   I am nice, and when a Demo user tries to set back the 
clock, I gently ask them to check their computer battery.  *smile*

On Apr 3, 2005, at 11:00 PM, Bruce Moore wrote:

> The new example on staz's web site for timing out beta copies doesn't 
> make good sense to me. Why save a file, why not just compare the 
> current date to the "hard coded date"? Can't this easily be tricked by 
> resetting the computer's date?
Best Wishes,