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From: Robert Purves <robert.purves@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 00:25:25 +1300
<russp@...> wrote:

> I'm hoping I can get some help with C conversion for the Skype API.
> Skype is gaining a lot of popularity as a VOIP application and they
> have a C API that allows access to the program.
> In my case I need to be able to know when a call is in progress.  I  
> own FB3r6
> and I'm currently fiddling with the demo version of FB4r2.  I don't  
> know
> anything about C but I spent the entire weekend studying the ".h"  
> files in
> the API, learning Project Builder, trying the Waverly Toolbox  
> Helper from my
> FB3 CD and Michael's CtoFB3 program but I'm not any closer to solving
> anything.

CtoFB3 even in its later versions (the most recent that I used was  
0.7.9b) is easily tripped up by commonly-occurring C code. Often it  
is necessary to comment out "difficult" parts of the .h or .c file so  
that CtoFB3 can do a complete conversion of the file. Then you  
manually convert the commented out parts, along with checking for  
mistakes in the rest of the conversion.

Unless there is some restriction such as an NDA, it would be useful  
if you could post some snippets of the C that you want to convert.

Then there are likely to be issues relating to linking (i.e.  
providing an FB program with the addresses of functions and constants  
that reside in OS X system libraries).  If you post an URL for  
downloading the C API, some of us might be able to inspect the API  
and advise on linking.

Robert P.