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From: Robert Purves <robert.purves@...>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 22:04:06 +1300
<russp@...> wrote:

> Hey! Suddenly there's progress.
> I searched (again but deeper) in the Skype developers forums and  
> found a
> gripe someone had about an error in the plist of the framework.   
> Apparently
> the plist says the executable is called Skype.framework but the  
> little unix
> file icon in the framework is called simply Skype.
> I tried changing the plist with Property List Editor

> Now its finding the function with fn GetMachFunctionFromBundle.
>  Cool!

Yes, I can see that Skype.framework's bug (a malformed Info.plist)  
would prevent GetMachFunctionFromBundle from loading the bundle. Good  
to know that it's easily fixed.

>> Although I was able to achieve my original aims with Skype by  
>> using the Applescript interface from FB, the program is using a  
>> lot of CPU cycles (about 5% in Activity Monitor).

You may like to examine each of these small but complete FB programs  
with Activity Monitor or top, to see if they have any relevance to  
your program's CPU usage.

until 0

poke long event - 8, 0xFFFFFFFF // no null events, thanks
until 0

Robert P.