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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 19:54:40 -0500
steve wrote:

>dim g_last_payment_amount as double
>dim g_line_item_tax_amount as double
>dim g_line_item_tax_rate as double
>I am sure some of you [tedd especially : ) ] are cringing, seeing 
>this type of usage, but it works for me.  The underscores also help 
>my dyslexic reading skills. But I am much more conservative with my 
>constants, if they are used frequently.

Everyone's style is different -- not good nor bad, just different. As 
long as you are consistent in your needs and solutions, then I see 
nothing wrong in using verbose variables and constants.

But for verbosity, I'll leave that to Apple to come up with some 
damned long names.

>I started programming on a 4k TRS80 with a cassette tape for 
>storage, as several others on the list may have too [ and  earlier 
>].  Every single byte was very important. There was no commenting of 
>code. Brevity was the style and as much code as possible was placed 
>on a single line, as each line required an additional 8 bytes or so.

Well, I started programming with rocks. When there was a rock, that 
was one. No rock meant that it was zero or someone stole my rock. 
Programming was easier back then, but we didn't get much done other 
than throwing one's at each other.