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From: Russ Pagel <russp@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 19:17:16 -0600
I've been looking through the examples and I notice that many or all of the
examples related to getting the full path to a file say not to do that
because the path name may be longer than 255 characters (string length

Is there a better alternative?  Here's why I'm interested

I just recently discovered the AFP protocol that allows you to create a URL
link to a file on a server.  This would be nice for cases where you want to
point someone to a file that's 12 folders deep in a server.  You could
create the afp link and email it to them.  They can then double click it
from the finder, enter their name and password in the "Connect To Server"
dialog and be taken directly to the file or folder pointed to.

I looks pretty straight forward to create the URL link file but I need to
know the path to the file to make it work.

BTW:  I thought about using aliases but there are two problems with that.

1.  You can't send an alias through email without compressing it first.

2.  When the person on the other end double clicks an alias to a server file
the "Connect To Server" dialog has my name in it instead of being blank.

Any ideas?