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From: tedd <tedd@...>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 12:51:53 -0500
>>PS: Anyone want to wish me luck, or provide a suggestion, comment, 
>>or critique of the following  before I go public with it?
>I, for one, wish you all the luck in the world. Go for it! My only 
>regret is "Why didn't I think of that?". Guess most of the world is 
>still stuck in ASCII (like me).


Thanks very much for the kind words. Surprisingly enough, my effort 
has not been appreciated by many, including some on this list. I have 
been hammered for Cybersquatting, which this isn't, and told I was a 
fool for thinking that anyone would pay any amount for IDNs 
(Internationalized Domain Names).

In any event, it has been a long road. In 1994, I talked with a group 
of investors and wanted to raise $50k for purchasing domain names 
(back then it was $100 per name). They didn't have a clue as to what 
it was I was talking about, so they passed. On my list was 
"business.com", which I didn't purchase, but it was just one of many 
that I could have. In December of 1999, that name went for a record 
(at that time) of $7.5 million US.

>Personally, you may even consider a higher price, but then again I 
>have no idea what these things a worth to some of the largest 
>pharmaceutical companies on this planet. It's almost hard to believe 
>some of their programmers did not come up with your idea sooner. 
>These people talk in terms of "Billions" of dollars, what's half a 
>million to them, peanuts.

Of course, I would like to get more, but at this point in my life I 
look at what would actually make me happy, and I find it's a lot less 
-- just being debt free would be a blessing.

I was asked by two European investor groups to come up with a price 
for my entire lot

see: http://symboldomains.com

and I gave them an "appraised" value of $11 million -- but, I was 
asking $1 million for the lot (I would settle for less). Oddly enough 
both groups made out that it would be no problem to raise that amount 
of money, but I haven't seen any payment yet.

The auction on eBay ended without any offers, but I did have 85 
people review the item.

I had previously put up http://xn--nvg.com on eBay for auction at 
$250k and had several questions, but no real offers. However, 536 
people reviewed the item -- so there is interest.

Fortunately, the Unicode thing is here to stay. Unfortunately, M$ 
produces the most popular browser (IE6 at 59%) and M$ has problems 
showing IDNs in their respective code-points instead of PUNYCODE 
(their fear of homographic attacks). This is something that Safari et 
al browsers have no problems with.

Surprisingly, several programming languages have also come up short 
in the Unicode department as well, even php 5. Old ties to the 
limiting scope of ASCII still remain. They simply failed to realize 
that this Internet phenomena would be truly global. However, as I 
have read, php 6 will fully support Unicode.

So, it's without question that the net (and programming in general) 
is heading in the direction I imagine and someday my real estate will 
be worth something. It's only a question of when -- perhaps my son, 
or grand-son, will sell my IDNs for a good amount. Before that, 
hopefully, I can.

Thanks for the interest and comment.