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From: "William I. Chenault" <billchen@...>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 11:39:59 -0500
Well, my gray matter has turned B&W. I'm trying to put a Help window in
an application using the Topics.FLTR. All of the Topics.FLTR related
filters/includes listed in the PG manual are installed. I'm running a
PPC, OS 8.1, 46 megs, FB 2.3.1, and PG 4.3.2.

When I select the Help menu and go to FN showTopics (interactively from
FB), the help window opens and I can change the default Topic title
(Option-click) but that is it. The generic File name "Program Help" is
used for Preferences folder file name and in the "STR " resource. I
cannot append, delete, nor insert topics, nor edit the relevant text.
Strangely, I can alter the text while holding the mouse button down but
the changes don't appear until the mouse button is released and are not
retained when the window is closed. Also, although the window closes
normally from the close box, if I quite the program with the window
open, there is an error that I've attempted to close a window that isn't
currently opened. A look into pG3c and pG3w resources (using a copy of
the resource file made while the program was running) failed to list any
windows other than those I created via PG. The Topics.FLTR indicates
there should be a topics window in the pG3c/w resources. Any help would
be greatly appreciated!

TIA  - Bill Chenault