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From: Bernie <fb.list@...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 18:11:05 +0100
Joe Lertola exclaimed:

> Wow,
> I am a little overwhelmed. I am unfamiliar with almost all the  
> items on the do list. I will start by asking about the first item.  
> What are standard window handler & compositing attributes and why  
> are they necessary?

Apple's documentation describes these attributes much better than I  
ever could:

Standard Handler (kWindowStandardHandlerAttribute):

N.B. (Nota Bernie): I've been using the standard handler attribute  
for quite a while now but I still couldn't give you a full list of  
everything it does. The way I look at it is, the standard handler  
looks after all the things we take for granted in FB (WNE) such as  
dragging or resizing a window. Without the standard handler, we'd  
have to write code to do these things. BTW, we can intercept any of  
the standard handler events.

Compositing (kWindowCompositingAttribute):

N.B.: Some controls (views) will not work right in a non-compositing  
window [OTOH, some controls (e.g. list box) don't like compositing  
windows]. Metal windows must have the compositing attribute.  
Something else to consider when using compositing windows is that  
controls are positioned with respect to their parents (which is not  
necessarily the window).