[futurebasic] Edit field problems

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From: Joe Lertola <joefb@...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 21:47:06 -0400
Hi all,

I have been trying to get some edit fields to behave the same way they 
did in my old PG project. But I have been having a hard time getting 
them to work properly.

I have tried using FB edit fields and appearance button edit fields and 
I am having problems with each approach.

The problem I have with the FB edit fields is that I can't interact 
with them with the mouse when they are in a box control. (I used 
Bernie's TWM to create the box controls basically as decorative 
boarders in my window.) Also I don't seem to be getting _cursOver 
events so I can't change the cursor to an ibeam when over an edit 

The problem I have with the appearance button edit fields is that I 
can't filter the keyboard input. Also I get a _cursOver event when the 
cursor enters the edit field, but not when it leaves so I am not able 
to change the cursor from the ibeam back to an arrow.

On May 18, 2006, at 4:05 AM, Bernie gave me this advice:
> Don't use FB's appearance button statement.
> Don't use FB edit fields

What is the alternative to using these statements?

Thanks for any help,
-Joe Lertola