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From: Rick Good <rick.good@...>
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2007 10:02:02 -0400
Robert -

I thought I had explained my steps, although I'm not sure there is much to
explain for steps. I wish to create a self-running application on my Intel
Mac. I have a program which runs fine when I use the Command->Run menu. No
errors, no mistakes, no complaints.

In the Command menu I have set Command->Carbon and Command->Appearance
(although I have also tried other options).

The question is how do I create a self-standing application. Command->Build
does not work.


On 6/5/07 12:32 AM, "Robert Purves" <listrp@...> wrote:

> Rick Good wrote:
>> I really do keep thinking that I¹m doing something really dumb. I
>> just cannot figure out what it is.
> The "something really dumb" is to give no information on what went
> wrong. Vague expressions like "doesn't work" and "without success"
> convey at best 1 bit, which limits our ability to help.
> Try supplying this:
> 1. Steps to reproduce problem
> 2. What you expected to see
> 3. What you saw instead
> FWIW, I believe that the impact on FB of switching to an Intel Mac is
> confined to the following:
> (a) the FB Profiler is almost useless
> (b) system Crash Reports are almost useless
> (c) you can build Classic apps but not run them
> Robert P.
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