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From: Robert Purves <listrp@...>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 16:56:16 +1200
SVANVOORST@... wrote:

> For those interested in core graphics, this code creates a custom  
> round slider and demonstrates CG rotation with zoom.  Several new  
> toolbox functions are required. 10.4 recommended.  Cocoa has a  
> round slider, but it is not available for Carbon.

< code snipped >

I copied the demo from Mail and pasted it into an untitled editor  
window. A familiar-but-repairable mangling of space characters  
prevents it from being compiled.

(1) Replace all option-spaces by ordinary spaces, with FB's Find/ 
Change dialog.
(2) Type a space in front of each assembler instruction (each line  
between beginassem/endassem).

The demo then worked, and is both instructive and whizzy.

OS X 10.4 is not merely "recommended" but essential, because some API  
calls (CGContextAddEllipseInRect, CGContextFillEllipseInRect) did not  
exist in 10.3.9.

Robert P.