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From: Paul Bruneau <paul_bruneau@...>
Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 11:15:36 -0400
tedd wrote:
> PB wrote:
> >It almost makes me want to cry that someone would consider this kind of
> >bullying tactic.
> >
> >I bought my G3's for my company because I thought they were an excellent value
> >with excellent performance. They are. Am I upset that they are less expensive
> >now or that there's now a memory promo? Not in the least.
> >
> >Be an adult, be happy with your purchase based on what you got when you
> >got it.
> >
> >The last thing Apple needs now is a bunch of customers doing this kind of
> >dishonest behavior.
> >
> >PB
> PB:
> Sorry that you see it that way, obviously I don't. As I see it, this is
> commerce, nothing more. I am sure that others don't feel that way, but they
> have that right, as do I for my position. From my perspective, you wheel
> and deal to get the best price/promo that you can. That's business. After
> all, in the end, I get their product and they cash my check.
> tedd

Your point is well-taken. However, to me, the commerce ended when you received
the computer you ordered. Didn't you get what you ordered?

The dishonest "screwing" of Apple begins at this point:

(quote from the post I replied to):

> Send it back and re-buy (or threaten to). :-)
> Or, tell them you just took delivery. Considering how close your purchase
> is to the date, I would think that with a little effort, you could get the
> promo.

If you can sleep at night after doing this, then more power to you, and enjoy
the extra 32 Megabytes. They only cost your soul.

Sorry list mom,