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From: BMichael <BMichael@...>
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 08:18:48 EDT
Al Staffieri Jr. said:
>Weird. I was thinking of doing almost the exact same type of thing. I was
>going to ask everyone if they wanted to contribute any code or programs and a
>small portion of the price of each sale was going to go to staz. I've just
>been to busy to really get going with any of it.

Well, unless anyone stands up and screams, anything at the 
<http://www.stiinc.com/FB/> site is available for inclusion on such a CD 
- and since I'm swamped and _may_ become much _more_ swamped (if such a 
thing is even possible...) in about 3 weeks, I'm certainly not going to 
complain if someone else does this!

I like the thought of some of the proceeds going to Staz - I wasn't 
planning on having enough "buyers" to make that worth the paperwork 
hassle of him getting $10 or so...