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From: Bowerbird <Bowerbird@...>
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 12:55:09 EDT
al said:
>   You only need to keep the one with ID of -1. 
>   The others are created and used when a user of your program 
>   changes the memory settings for that program 
>   in the Finder's Get Info window. 

>   There are 3 memory related fields in the Get Info window: 
>   Suggested, Preferred, and Minimum. 
>   The SIZE resource in ResEdit has 2 fields:  Size and Minimum. 

>   If you have only the -1 resource, 
>   the Suggested and Preferred will both be the same as 
>   what you put in the size field in ResEdit.

sometimes it's beneficial to use all three fields though.

for instance, i have a program that i regularly run at 747k.
so that would (or could) be its _minimum_ size.
(i'd give it more memory if i could spare more, but i can't.)

however, with an allocation of 2 or 3 megs, the program
certainly would be less likely to run into memory problems.
so i would want to make that my _suggested_ size.

and today, where some machines have oodles of memory,
a _preferred_ setting of 4-5 megs might not be out of line,
especially for users skilled at finding my memory leaks.     :+)