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From: Ken Shmidheiser <kshmidheiser@...>
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2008 07:42:50 -0500
In a related thread there hos been discussion about stylistic  
conventions for FB and FBtoC reference works.

For those of us who are working in Xcode in either the Carbon or  
Cocoa APIs, or in C, C++, or ObjectiveC as an adjunct to our work  
with FB and FBtoC, I have found an excellent tool that I wanted to  
mention here: Uncrustify.

Uncrustify is a source code beautifier that is available in several  
languages including C and ObjectiveC. It is immensely configurable  
and can be found configured for OS X. Once installed, it is available  
under the Xcode script menu (that menu item actually uses a icon  
rather than text) under Code -> Reformat c/c++. Installation also  
adds a command line tool for Terminal access.

An overview can be found here:


A sample of beautified Uncrusitfy source code output can be found here:


The default Uncrustify configuration page (you can configure  
Uncrustify to your heart's content) is here:


The latest Uncrustify tarball version 0.43 contains an Xcode project  
file if you want to roll your own binary-- PPC, i386 or Universal:


    or from the original URL at:


An OS X DMG with a package installer for version 0.0.23 can be found  


    or from the original URL at:


I know it's just dreaming, but it sure would be nice to incorporate  
Uncrustify-like features into future FB projects.