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From: Brian Stevens <bstevens33@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 16:33:14 -0700
On Feb 25, 2008, at 4:02 PM, Bob Bryce wrote:
> I suspect EOF (end of file) has been deprecated.

Nope. Is there in both FB and FBtoC.

> I have a   DO
>             UNTIL EOF(4)
> loop in my program. This is supposed to go through
> the input text ONCE.
There is a most likely a logic error in your code. Post more code and  
maybe we can help diagnose.

> Awhile back on the list there was discussion about making
> a list of deprecated code and saying what it is replaced with.
> That would be invaluable.

There are always discussions about lots of things. That is the easy  
part of the process. The hard part is finding someone to do the  
work.  Bernie, me, RP and Michele have our hands full. Chris Wyatt  
has taken on the documentation challenge ( thank you Chris ). If we  
missed any volunteers for projects, please chime in.

> Can't even find EOF or end of file on the FB book on Widipedia.
AFAIK, Wikipedia is incomplete and should not be consulted yet. Try  
the FB Reference manual in the HELP MENU.

> Where can I get some documentation on MODERN FB calls?????

AFAIK, all the *FB* calls are documented. What I assume you are  
referring to are modern toolbox or framework calls. In that case  
either the specific include for those functions ( like the  
carbonevents include ) or the Apple documentation describes what the  
calls do. For example, if you will not find an FB manual describing  
how to use FSRefs or CFURLRefs with files.

Moreover, there is no company to accept complaints about any missing  
information. ****** ALL ****** enhancements are the responsibility of  
the list members.

If you have a specific need for "modern" calls, please post on the list.

Brian S.