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From: David Blache <microcsm@...>
Date: Wed, 13 May 98 00:06:34 -0600
In a message dated 5/12/98 4:21 PM, Mark Arnold wrote:

>Do I misunderstand the way aliases work, or do I have a problem. I'm
>creating an alias of a file and storing it in a preference file. When I
>need the file, I resolve the alias. Things work great, as long as I don't
>move the file. If I move it, it breaks. I thought that was the purpose of
>aliases. Am I missing something obvious?

err = FN ResolveAlias (fromFile, alias, target, wasChanged)

fromFile should be nil (zero) for most cases, unless you want your alias 
to be relative to a certain file or folder.

alias should be a handle to an existing AliasRecord.

target should be an FSSpec record defined like so:  

wasChanged should be a boolean variable.  It will be true if something 
about the file required that the alias be modified (for instance if the 
file was moved or the name of the file was changed).

I am not sure under what circumstances err will be non-zero in the case 
where wasChanged returns true.

How exactly are you resolving the alias?  How is your resolve "breaking" 

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