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From: Patrick GRIMONT <pgrimont@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 14:57:04 +0100
Dear fellow FBtoC worshippers,

With the last version of FB/FBtoC, I try to use functions in 

I started with Fn ContainerFind which I would like to use instead of 
INSTR. However, I must miss something because I constantly fail to 
compile a small example. In the following :

range = fn ContainerFind(p, StringToFind, CompareOptions)

I understand p is a pointer to the container.

StingToFind: is that a string as we used to name it or can it be a 
container , preceeded by @, or has it to be processed (I tried Fn 
ContainerCreateCFString without success) ?

CompareOptions: what is this ?

Can someone suggest a small example ? It is not in the Container Folder 
of the Example Folder.

Thank you so much in advance. Cheers.