[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Help on Pasteboard.h

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From: Brian Stevens <bstevens33@...>
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 18:55:20 -0700
On Jan 4, 2009, at 5:33 PM, Deep wrote:

> PasteboardRef
> I suspect I need to do something like:
> #define PasteboardRef as ...

PasteboardRef looks like one of these polymorphic CF types that is  
derived from CFTypeRef ( which are defined as generic "pointers" in FB  
headers - for example in Tlbx CFBase.incl ).

Since this definition ( and toolbox defs ) is undoubtedly defined in  
Carbon ( and therefore will be inherited by FBtoC/FB5 during  
compilation ), it would need  a conditional compile for the #define  
such as:


#define PasteboardRef as CFTypeRef

toolbox fn PasteboardCreate( CFStringRef inName, PasteboardRef  
*outPasteboard ) = OSStatus


PasteboardFlavorFlags is defined as an UInt32 in the Xcode docs, so  
make it so.

The PasteboardItemID is apparently a void pointer but that doesn't  
look right for a ItemID. No time to look now. Maybe tomorrow.

Brian S.