[futurebasic] Re: [FB] A few beginner questions

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From: Ellery Bann <ellery@...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 10:36:14 -0200
Thanks all for the useful information!

I have no intentions of doing OOP, I just thought that perhaps one day  
OOP will be the norm and we would have to adjust to the new reality.   
I was querying whether FB would be structurally ready to implement OOP  
paradigms in that case.  It's just a sign on code maturity!

My current programming background is strictly C in a Unix/Linux/ 
Solaris/SunOS environment, so I am very comfortable with procedural  
programming with clib/glib librarys.  Not much experience with X  
windows programming.  I just recently (3 years) converted to Mac OS X  
and have minimal experience with its programming environment.  After  
reading about Carbon vs. Cocoa, I am definitely a Carbon type of guy.   
I like to use Emacs and gcc/gdb... XCode/IB just confuses the heck out  
of me!  I have yet to understand completely how to implement Cocoa  
widgets into a Carbon source code using FutureBasic!  I also plan to  
play around with Quartz2D and OpenGL.  Just messing around.

I'm hoping that developing apps with FB will be much easier than going  
directly to C!  Now let me delve deeper into this wonderful FB world!