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From: Christopher Wyatt <poetcsw@...>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 16:55:46 -0600
On Jan 25, 2009, at 3:35 PM, H. Gluender wrote:

> Please have a look at Bricknells book!

The current Wikibook organization is:

	1.	Event driven Programming & Carbon Events
	2.	Working with Windows
	3.	Working with Controls
	4.	Flow Control
	5.	Reading & Writing Files, Navigation-Services
	6.	Creating and Using Menus
	7.	Drawing with Core Graphics (CG)
	8.	Drawing with OpenGL
	9.	Interaction with the Finder
	10.	Introduction to Core Foundation (CF)
	11.	Resources & Application Bundle
	12.	Preferences Files (CF-Prefs)
	13.	NIB-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
	14.	Text & Multilingual Text
	15.	Sound
	16.	Printing in Depth
	17.	Threading in FB
	18.	AppleScripting with FB
	19.	Other topics are also planned!
I am proposing the following starting point, which is slightly closer  
to Bricknell and Aaron Hillegass outlines:

	1. Console Applications (no knowledge of UI stuff required?)
		a. (Should things like basic Flow Control be here?)
	2. Introducing User Interfaces
		a. Working with Menus
		b. Introducing Windows
		c. Standard Controls
		d. Dialogues and Alerts
	3. Working with the File System
		a. Finder
		b. Reading/Writing Files
	4. Advanced FutureBASIC
		a. Working with text, strings, etc.
		b. Working with numbers
		c. Working with dates
		(d.... anything I missed?)
	5. Graphics
		a. Drawing with Core Graphics
		b. Drawing with OpenGL
	6. Printing (should there also be an advanced printing?)
	7. Advanced User Interface Concepts
		a. More on Controls
		b. More on Windows
		c. NIB-based Interfaces (?)
	8. Advanced File Techniques
	9. Sound and Video
		a. (Not sure... QuickTime?)
	10. AppleScript

I'm definitely missing some topics and others should be rearranged.  
Let me know what each of you think should be done. I realize we'll  
never have a perfect consensus.

- C. S.