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From: Max Taylor <maxclass@...>
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 14:57:09 -0800
On Jan 25, 2009, at 2:31 PM, H. Gluender wrote:

> Max Taylor wrote:
> "Also may fonts do not use the term "Italic" but instead use  
> "Oblique". Both refer to the same effect."
> Mmmh,
> for a typographer (I'm none, but interested) this is far from true.

You are correct Herbie.

I was referring, in a general sense, to the end results as looking  
somewhat slanted to the right as most Italic typefaces are also. I am  
also aware of the real difference as you pointed out. I think some  
"Italics" are some of the most beautiful of font faces. Specifically  
"Galliard" which is one of my favorite and most beautiful "Italics".

t I have been digging into whether or not Apple still uses specific  
numbers to designate specific fonts. It does not appear to be the  
case, but if I use the following function it does return a unique  
number for most fonts but returns '-1' for many.

That function is called as below:

dim as FMFontFamily fontFamilyNumber

fontFamilyNumber = fn FMGetFontFamilyFromName( fontNameStr )

For "Lucida Grande" it returns '1024'. For "Lucida Grande Bold" it  
always returns '-1'. For other font names it also returns a different  
result. Where or how one might use that information I do not know.

It is as though it is maybe trying to tell me that font does not exist  
when it returns '-1' but yet it displays it perfectly. I do not use  
the 'fontFamilyNumber' return value in my CG Demo's but I do pick up  
the value using the above code just out of interest to see what the  
values are for my own reference.

If anyone else out there has any suggestions as to what might be the  
best or preferred method of selecting a typeface other than directly  
from a Font menu I would appreciate what that might be and I will test  
it out in my CG Demo Project and get back to the list with the results.

Max Taylor
The MaxClass Guy