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From: andy@...
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 10:41:29 +0100
Hi Robert,

I assume that you agree with Brian about my point a), that it is a known
bug - but not being looked at or not expected to be cleared on next

>> b) When compiling, FB5 opens up a new window say Myprog.proj - this
>> window has the same name as the project window (which is also called
>> "Myprog.proj") which leads to confusion on the Window menu.
> Right. This window would be better titled "Build Log".

Great. Much better.

>> c) When Compiling, a second window appears, called "errors" - even
>> though the first window also contains errors and warnings -
>> presumably, one window is generated from FBtoC and the other from
>> gCC. I'd be interested in which was which... Preferably, could the
>> FBtoC and gCC output be piped to a single window, perhaps with some
>> progress bar. My program takes between 30seconds and a minute to
>> compile - that's a long time without even a spinning pizza to let me
>> know that things are happening.
> The Errors window appears after the build, if warnings/errors (from
> either FBtoC or gcc) were encountered. It is special in that double-
> clicking the error or warning takes you to the source code. If there
> are no warnings/errors, the Errors window is not shown at all.

(Yes - although this doesn't work in current version)

> The (soon-to-be-so-named) Build Log is always shown during a build,
> and indicates progress by listing the FB files translated, then the C
> files compiled, with warning/errors as they occur. In the FB_5_3beta
> editor, this window stays open after the build is complete, whereas in
> FB4 and FB5.2 it closes immediately.

Well, this is ok for me. In the longer term, perhaps the team could
consider something more newbie-friendly.

I've also found some bugs in the "last fn" function in the FB5 beta editor
- is this a known bug or should I investigate and report further?