[futurebasic] Re: Passing rects

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From: Jay Reeve <jktr@...>
Date: Wed, 27 May 98 08:22:41 +0100
>>LOCAL FN receiveRect(@rectAddr&)  'Takes address of var passed
>>'do something
>>FN receiveRect(t%)
>When you pass an address, it has to be passed as a long integer.  You'll
>want to do something like this:
>local fn receiveRect(@rectAddr&)
>  dim bottom%
>  rectAddr&.top%=30
>  bottom%=rectAddr&.bottom%
>  print rectAddr&.right%
>  etc.
>end fn
>local fn doRect
>  dim myRect.8
>  call setrect(myRect,0,0,100,100)
>  fn receiveRect(myRect)
>end fn
>fn doRect

I _think_ that's the same as what I did. The only difference I see is 
that I assumed (but probably should have included) a
  DIM t%,l%,b%,r%
for the rect rather than an actual rect.8 variable, because that's what 
Mark said he was using. I find this simpler, and the same address gets 
passed either way.

For clarity (and flexibility) I will often use
  DIM myRect;0,t%,l%,b%,r%
Then I can use either myRect or t%--their addresses are the same.

 =J= a  y