[futurebasic] Re: Function Pointers

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From: Mark Goodes <wave@...>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 18:41:27 -0400
>Now why would anyone want to place a function's address into a linked list?
>Good question. But as I found in a program I wrote recently (namely a
>Street Atlas type program) I needed to set up a system where I had
>functions that would act upon variables at a specific time that I could not
>predict. In other words, some linked lists would be necessary for the
>program to show it's data and other weren't. However, I had no idea before
>As such, I developed a linked list system that held the addressees of the
>functions and a list of the variables that the functions would operate

This is fascinating, Tedd--could you tell us more?  e.g. Suppose the value
of a variable changed without you predicting it.  How would your program
know?  And what would it do?  Any why couldn't you do this with regular
structured programming?

I'm just in the process of learning OOP and this would be helpful to hear.

wave (Toronto, Canada)
Much better at "OOPS!" programming than OOP programming.