[futurebasic] FN MakeHeirMenu

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From: Brian Heibert <heibert@...>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 19:58:57 -0500

I want to make a hierarchical menu

I found this but don't know what I need to change

local fn MakeHierMenu(_ToolsMenu,parentMenuItem,¬
   title$ = "!"+chr$(childMenuID)+itemString$ + "/" + chr$(&1B)
   menu parentMenuID,parentMenuItem,,title$
   call InsertMenu(fn NEWMENU(childMenuID,""), -1)
end fn

I want a sub menu I have 2 popup menus Pen Color and Pen Size
and I want to also have a Pen Color and Pen Size submenu in the Tools  

What do I need to change in MakeHierMenu to do this?