[futurebasic] Re: [X-FB] Last Mac/OS that will write Quickdraw PICT vector graphics

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From: "H. Gluender" <h@...>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 00:32:29 +0100
Laurent wrote with respect to distilling a series of TIFF images:
>  It seems you created it with
>  the 8.2 version of Adobe Acrobat using the corresponding
>  "Image Conversion Plugin". The PDF version is 1.6.

I didn't care about the plugin, because it's part of Adobe Acrobat 
Pro and I didn't care about the PDF version (I use to distill with 
1.6). I could have chosen another as well.

>  Your "study.pdf" has exactly the efficiency of TIF-G4
>  (the fax group 4 variant of TIF).

Of course, because I used this compression, I could have chosen another.

>  But the packaging of
>  it is certainly not exactly the most common, since a
>  program "PDF2TIFF" that I once bought extracts nothing
>  from it.

Not my problem and I never promised that this should be possible. I 
only did what you wanted to see.

>  Maybe a new variant of TIF-G4 is involved. At
>  any rate, the slow 20 sec embedding speed you mention is
>  a sure sign that Distiller _repackaged_ my TIF files in
>  creating your PDF; indeed, certain other means of
>  embedding such as "c42pdf" are nearly instantaneous.
>  Have you any further explanation of all this?

Not my job and does it really matter?
I just checked it again:
I dropped the 27 TIFF files - all in all about 1.7 MegaBytes -- onto 
the Adobe Acrobat Icon and after 28 seconds the PDF was completed. 
(G4 PPC 1.25 MHz)

>  I extracted the bitmap files using Open Office (by the
>  recipe I have posted); and then I verified that they
>  are bit-for-bit exactly the original "study" bitmaps.

That's what I've promised you.

>  Thus, for the embedding of TIFF-G4 bilevel bitmaps,
>  Distiller has caught up with the competition.

I can't tell whether this is a new achievement.
For me it is important that it behaves as I've claimed earlier.

>  But what about _extraction_ by Distiller/Acrobat of
>  bilevel bitmaps from PDF. In particular, is your
>  Distiller Pro 8.2 able to extract the bitmaps from
>  "study.pdf"? Also I wonder whether you harvest them as
>  TIFF_G4s?

Adobe Acrobat Distiller is definitely not involved in this task.
You simply open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat and you save it as TIFF 
and get the original 27 plain TIFFs, of course uncompressed..

>  In the extraction procedure of Open Office, there is a
>  loss of page order; restoring it is a real pain, indeed
>  a forbidding task if there are hundreds or thousands of
>  pages.  (FileJuicer is OK here!)

The saved 27 plain TIFFs appear numbered "Study_Seite_01.tiff" to 

>  Finally I was surprised to hear that Adobe is again
>  offering academic discounts; what percentage can one
>  expect?

In 2007 I bought "CS3 Creative Suite" for 1/3 of the usual price in 
Adobe's Edu-WebStore. Look yourself for the present conditions at 
Adobe's Edu-WebStore.