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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 12:37:13 +0100
Le 22/02/10 05:49, Jay Reeve a écrit :
> Hi,
> I now have my data showing as I wish in a list view DB. I can select a
> data row by clicking on it. I've searched the docs for hours to find how
> I can get it to let me edit the text, but have found nothing. It sounds
> as if it should be automatic (I've set them to editable in IB), but it
> doesn't work. I don't need (I hope) a full demo, but if someone could
> point me in the right direction I'd be grateful. I know I'll need a
> callback to deal with the changed data, but first I have to get an edit
> field, don't I?

Hi Jay,

The callback function you need is your GetSetItemData function. For sure 
it is not obvious, but when you set up the editable property at creation 
time it is done for the entire column regardless of the individual items 
that it will hold later. You may wish to allow editing or not for 
specific items in that column for whatever reason in your program.

In the GetSetItemData callback you must tell the DataBrowser if the item 
currently examined can be edited. I suppose the DataBrowser asks that 
information for each item sitting in an editable column.

The GetSetItemData callback is used also to let you know when a cell's 
content has been changed by the end user for a specific item. It's time 
to retrieve that information and to accept or not the modification, then 
possibly update your internal data to reflect that change.

You'll probably need the GetDataBrowserItemDataText Toolbox function to 
pick up the edited text, so here is a sketch (caution, it may be buggy):

Local Fn MyGetSetItemData( browser As ControlRef,        ¬
                         itemID As DataBrowserItemID,     ¬
                    theProperty As DataBrowserPropertyID, ¬
                       itemData As DataBrowserItemDataRef,¬
                       setValue As Boolean )

Dim err      As OSStatus : err = _errDataBrowserPropertyNotSupported
dim newTxt   As CFStringRef
Dim myString As Str255

Long If setValue = _false

Select theProperty

Case _kDataBrowserItemIsEditableProperty
// we must tell the DataBrowser that the item under examination
// can be edited (check certain condition if necessary)
err = Fn SetDataBrowserItemDataBooleanValue( itemData, _true )
End Select


// We are informed that the cell's content has changed
// it's time to grab it.
Select theProperty
Case _"xxxx" // your editable column ID
Long If Fn GetDataBrowserItemDataText( itemData, newTxt ) = _noErr
Long If newTxt
err = Fn CFStringGetPascalString(newTxt, myString, 256, 
_kCFStringEncodingMacRoman )
Call CFRelease( newTxt )
Long If err = _noErr
// update your internal data here with myString
End If
End If
End If

End Select

End If
End Fn = err

> Also, I have my columns set for variable width, but when I attempt to
> change the width with the mouse, the data display gets trashed. Do I
> need a callback for that, too? What should it do?

I don't know exactly what you mean by "get trashed". Perhaps you can try:

err = Fn UpdateDataBrowserItems( browser, _kDataBrowserNoItem, 0, 
#_kDataBrowserNoItem, _kDataBrowserItemNoProperty, _kDataBrowserNoItem )

or maybe:

Call DrawOneControl( browser )

If the problem is not fixed then, perhaps, it resides in your 
GetSetItemData callback function.

> Is there a simple way to eliminate the disclosure triangle space at the
> left of each column, so I can make better use of the space? (I'm not
> using the triangles here.)
See DataBrowserSetMetric in Tlbx ControlDefinitions.incl header file, 
there's some useful documentation left in that file.