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From: Ken Shmidheiser <kshmidheiser@...>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 08:08:50 -0400
I have continued to use TWM 1.8.4 without problem under Leopard 
10.5.8 on a PPC. (This is the version that shipped in along with 
FutureBasic 4.4.1 in the Freeware folder.) A cursory look indicates 
TWM 1.8.5 is similarly stable.

However, I just downloaded TWM 1.8.6 from the link Bernie provided 
and it exhibits several anomalies here:

1. The Controls item under the Pallets menu does not work, leaving 
the user unable to build a GUI.

2. The application does not appear to be a bundle, but rather a 
single binary file showing a generic icon. Under an option click Get 
Info, the "Show Package Contents" option is missing, and even 
dropping the application file into a Terminal window reveals no 
package structure, but rather a single file.

3. The application opens and immediately sends itself to the 
background with a subsequent flash of windows as they open and then 
immediately are hidden.

4. Under the "Check for a Newer Verzion" menu, all versions report 
that the latest version is 1.8.8.

FutureBasic 4.4.1 with the freeware folder used to be archived on the 
http://4toc.com/fb/index.htm site, but I see that it is now gone.