[futurebasic] [FB] CoreGraphics 2-cell stage

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From: Dan Baeckström <dan.baeckstrom@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 13:07:21 +0200
Trying to familiarise myself with CoreGraphics... my grasp is  
presently at an early embryonal stage.

I would imagine that there is some way to keep tabs on an object such  
that it can be modified after it has been created and other objects  
have been dealt with in the meantime? Would that be CGPathRef?

What I would like to try out is to make a series of simple objects  
(say filled circles) and then at some later timepoint remove any one  
of them without changing anything else.

I have been reading the Xcode docs, but as usual detail abounds and  
the bird's-eye view is scarce.